An Economist with a special interest in trade and labor economics

Habtamu Fuje

PhD, Columbia University


Currently, I am an Economist at the World Bank Group.

I am an Economist with a special interest in trade and labor economics.

Issues of poverty, job creation and youth employment, market integration, distributional implication of policy reforms, and impacts of climate change induced shocks are some of the specific topics I am passionate about.


Job Market Paper

Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms, Spatial Market Integration, and Welfare: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia
Abstract:In light of climate change and tight fiscal conditions after the 2008 crises, fuel subsidy reform has become a popular policy. The G20 leaders, in their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania meeting in 2009, committed to phase out inefficient fuel subsidies. However, little is known about the implications of removing subsidies on food prices and welfare. I study the welfare effects of such reforms through their impacts on the spatial dispersion of food prices using a “natural experiment” from Ethiopia. I employ time-regression discontinuity design using a highly disaggregated monthly grain price data (1996–2013) from 300 locations. I find the following: (a) the reform substantially increased grain price dispersion; (b) there are notable spatial heterogeneities in the treatment effect; (c) even if the reform has had no impact on overall price levels, it increased cross-sectional spatial price differences; and (d) net-sellers of grain in remote districts and some urban households experienced welfare losses.Keyword: Fuel subsidy, price dispersion, RD design, sDID, welfare.


What is the impact of drought on prices? Evidence from Ethiopia (with Ruth Hill), 2019, Economic Development and Cultural Change (R&R)

Transportation Cost, Fuel Subsidies and Commodity Prices, 2019, World Trade Review (Forthcoming)

Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms, Spatial Market Integration, and Welfare: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(1) 270-290, 2018

When do in-service teacher training and books improve student achievement? Experimental evidence from Mongolia (with Prateek Tandon), Review of Development Economics, 22 (3) 1360-1383, 2018

The Cost of Inaction: Case Studies from Rwanda and Angola Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674065581 (with Sudhir Anand, Chris Desmond, and Nadejda Marques), 2012

Role of Governance in Explaining Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa Harvard African Policy Journal, Vol. IV, 2008

Working Papers

Impacts of Grain Market Regulations on Prices and Welfare in Malawi, 2019, with Hemant Pullabhotla

How do Women Fare in Rural Non-Farm Economy?, 2017, The World Bank, Policy Research Working Paper,WPS8080

Recent Welfare Dynamics and Drought in Ethiopia, 2018, CSAE Conference, University of Oxford

World Bank Policy Reports (Contribution)

Reaping Richer Returns : Public Spending Priorities for African Agriculture Productivity Growth , 2017

Methodology for Poverty Measurement in Malawi, 2018

Ethiopia: Priorities for Ending Extreme Poverty and Promoting Shared Prosperity: Systematic Country Diagnostic, 2016

The Uganda Poverty Assessment Report 2016- Farms, Cities and Good Fortune: Assessing Poverty Reduction in Uganda from 2006 to 2013, 2016

Educating the Next Generation: Improving Teacher Quality in Cambodia, 2015

USAID Policy Reports (Contribution)

Coffee Value Chain: Cost Benefit Analysis of Interventions , 2012

Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Honey Value Chain in Ethiopia, 2012

Eroded Coffee Traceability and Its Impact on Export Coffee Prices for Ethiopia, 2014


Columbia University

  • PhD in Sustainable Development, 2016
  • MPhil in Sustainable Development, 2014
  • MA in Sustainable Development, 2014
Harvard University

  • MPA in International Development (MPA/ID), 2010
Addis Ababa University

  • MSc in Economics, 2007
  • BA in Economics (Honor), 2005


Columbia University, Teaching Fellow (2012-2014)
Courses: Macroeconomic Policy Management, Analysis of Large-Scale Data (with Matt Neidell) , and Challenges of Sustainable Development (with Jeff Sachs)
Harvard University, Course Assistant (2009-2010)
Courses: Microeconomic Analysis, and Econometrics (wth Alberto Abadie)
Addis Ababa University, Lecturer (2007-2008)
Courses: Microeconomics, and Principles of Economics